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Wednesday Wine Review: Here We Go Again!!

Welcome back everyone! I haven’t had a chance to drop a new post out there for almost two weeks. So I’m going to jump back into the saddle with a few reviews of some awesome wines. This week I’ll talk about the 2013 Orin Swift Mercury Head, 2012 Ridge Lytton Springs, and 2012 Stag’s Leap…

Saturday Night Swirl!


There is something to be said about taking a step back, grabbing a breath, and slowing down.  This week was slightly more disruptive than normal, the Misses was traveling for work and I was stuck at home being a single doggy parent. Once the dust settled we decided to take it easy this weekend and…

Wednesday Wine Review: A Couple of First Timers


This week’s wine review is going to focus on a couple of first timers for me. I love finding new stuff! Maybe I am a nerd (well, I know I am a nerd), but there is a little sense of adventure when you open a bottle that you’ve never tried before. I have definitely got…

Wednesday Wine Review: Laird Family Estate Tasting

This was supposed to be my weekend wine review, but it is Wednesday, so you get a “Wednesday Wine Review” instead (crafty, I know). Last week we went down to Cellar 59, a great wine bar & shop in Kent, Ohio. They were holding a tasting event for Laird Family Estates hosted by the estate owner Rebecca Laird….