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How to Taste Wine


Very recently I was asked to do a wine tasting at a friend’s birthday party. It was a fun experience and gave me a bit of inspiration to write this post. What I noticed during the party was that unless you are a wine nerd like me, you may not have experienced a wine “tasting”…

The Wine Bar at Solaire

Whew…it has been way too long since I sat down to write. Job change and life seemed to be conspiring against my love of wine, go figure. While I have a few minutes I want to talk about a new place we stopped in the other night. The Wine Bar at Solaire in Hudson, Ohio….

The Grapest Post Ever Part II: The Whites


Here we go with Part II of my primer to the many varieties of grapes used in wine. This post will focus on some of the common grapes used to produce white wines (you can check out part I focusing on red wines here). First, here comes the crazy part…white wines can be made from…

The Grapest Post Ever Part I: The Reds


Okay, I decided I’m going to do a little educating with this post. I read something the other day that said there are over 10,000 wine making grapes in existence today. Please don’t ask where I read it, I may be spreading a rumor, but the moral of the story is there are a ton…