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Napa 2015: Day 1


Well, it has come and gone. That special time of the year that you can sit back and smile, and enjoy all the great things in this world. NO! I’m not talking about the holidays! I’m talking about our annual trip to Napa and Sonoma! It is like Christmas, your birthday, and everything else great…

Wednesday Wine Review: A Couple of First Timers


This week’s wine review is going to focus on a couple of first timers for me. I love finding new stuff! Maybe I am a nerd (well, I know I am a nerd), but there is a little sense of adventure when you open a bottle that you’ve never tried before. I have definitely got…

Weekend Wine Review: Impromptu Pinot Party


This past weekend started innocently enough, it was a long holiday weekend so we decided to lay low and just enjoy one of the last hot weekends here in Ohio until the seemingly 9 months of winter sets in. Well, that went downhill fast when I got a call from my cousin asking what we…