Day 1 was absolutely fantastic and if you missed it, you can catch up here. After spending our first day in the Sonoma area, we were ready to kick off a day in the Napa Valley. We had another awesome day planned with tastings at Plumpjack Winery and Sequoia Grove, lunch at La Luna Market, a seated library tasting at Silverado Vineyards, and dinner at Morimoto Napa.

If anyone wonders why we love Napa so much...this!

If anyone wonders why we love Napa so much…this!

We have a few places that we always try to stop while we are in town and one of those is the Oxbow Public Market. Since we were a bit crunched for time this year (short trip) we decided to give it a shot for breakfast this time around. We got ourselves a pretty serious breakfast at The Five Dot Ranch Butcher Shop and Cookhouse topped off with a little Ritual Coffee. This day was already starting off great!


Oxbow Public Market – Seriously, that’s breakfast!

After getting a belly full of great food, we headed off to our first appointment of the day, Plumpjack Winery. Neither of us have had Plumpjack previously, but the stop was planned because of a recommendation of a friend. Plumpjack is a little off the beaten path compared to a lot of its Napa neighbors, letting the quality of their wines do the advertising for them. Our tasting included Plumpjack’s current vintages of Reserve Chardonnay, Merlot, Estate Cabernet, Syrah and Cade’s Sauvignon Blanc. As a bonus, our host Rick opened a bottle of their current vintage of the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Wow, such a great treat to end our tasting.

Plumpjack Winery


Plumpjack – Hidden away but well worth finding!

Our second stop was at Sequoia Grove. We love this place! We came here last year as a sort of fill in stop, and had an absolute blast with Vicki in the tasting room. So this year we made it a point to stop with a little more time. We walked in and Vicki was standing behind the bar waiting for us again. Sure enough, she was just as fun! I can’t say enough about the wines and people at Sequoia! Janice tasted through their current release tasting and I enjoyed the reserve cabernet tasting (and part of Janice’s). Both tastings were filled with awesome wines. I’ve said it before, it’s the people that you interact with that really make for a memorable experience. Vicki at Sequoia Grove is a prime example of that! Such a fun place!

Sequoia Grove 


Great Wines, Giant Trees!

Sequoia Grove 3

Sequoia Grove 1

Next up was lunch and we were excited! As I said above, there are places that we put on the list to visit every year and La Luna Market and Taqueria is without fail a place we visit at least once per trip (we’ve been known to stop more than once on occasion). La Luna is a small market that specializes in traditional Mexican products. The not-so-hidden secret tucked into the back of the market is a taqueria that serves some of the very best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten outside of Mexico (maybe even in Mexico). I honestly feel that my words don’t do this place justice. We have never walked away not wanting more. And thanks to my brother-in-law, during last year’s visit, it was the first (and only) place I’ve tried beef tongue…surprisingly good.

La Luna Market


La Luna Market – We love this place. I almost brought home the brown pig.

Our last winery stop of Day 2 was at Silverado Vineyards. This was hands down my favorite tasting of the trip, and one of the best experiences we have ever had in Napa. The tasting we did at Silverado was pretty special because it was a library tasting where we got to taste various vintages of a wine. It’s a really cool experience to taste the difference in flavors that are produced from the aging/cellaring process. Our tasting was all Cabernet and included the ’86 Limited Reserve, ’97 Limited Reserve, 2000 Estate Cabernet, and 2012 SOLO Cabernet. What made this experience even better was our host Ray. Ray may possibly be the real “most interesting man in the world”. His background and how he landed at Silverado was interesting to hear as we got to experience some phenomenal wines.  Full disclosure – I had a man crush on Ray and I may have asked him to adopt me…sorry mom and dad.

Silverado Vineyard



Sometimes life imitates art!


Us with Ray.


Never a bad view in Napa

After a great day of tasting this isn't a terrible view to finish a day.

After a great day of tasting this isn’t a terrible view to finish a day.

Andaz Napa


Our home away from home, the beautiful Andaz Napa!

To wrap up the day, we headed to Morimoto Napa for dinner. The menu is loaded with so many choices, but we couldn’t pass on the sushi and sashimi. The fish is shipped in fresh daily but the real bonus for me was the Nikka Takatsura 17 Yr old Whisky! What a superb whisky; loaded vanilla flavor with a smoky richness. I was so excited when I saw it on the menu. Also, we apparently were celebrating an anniversary (not really our anniversary, not even close). I guess if they are going to give us a little dessert, who are we to correct them! Happy anniversary to us!

Morimoto Napa


Another tremendous day came to an end. Hang in there for day 3!

Until next time.


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