Whew…it has been way too long since I sat down to write. Job change and life seemed to be conspiring against my love of wine, go figure.

While I have a few minutes I want to talk about a new place we stopped in the other night. The Wine Bar at Solaire in Hudson, Ohio. Solaire itself is a hair studio and spa, but through a side entrance in the alley way and up a flight of steps sits the Wine Bar. If you can find your way there you are in for a good time. We had talked about checking this place out for a while now but never quite made it in for one reason or another. We were missing out! Once inside, one of the first things you will notice is the large glass walls of their wine room. While the place is not large, it is the perfect size to feel personal yet not cramped.


An amazing night of food, wine, and conversation!

We grabbed a spot at the bar to grab a quick glass and kill some time until our reservation was up at a nearby restaurant. The wine list was pretty extensive, and included a really good selection from around the world. As we talked to the bartender his knowledge about the list was pretty impressive as well. As we sat and enjoyed our glasses, both recommended by Demetri, we learned that he and his brother Spiro were the owners. Both young men, they were the bartenders/waiters/owners/host, and constantly hustling. And more than all that, these guys had a passion for wine and what they were doing. I can’t stress how much I enjoy learning, especially about wine. Demetri’s breadth of knowledge on his wine list was fantastic, and his general wine knowledge was just as impressive. As much as he could he would stop back over and talk a little more about what we were drinking, always curious as to what we thought. When Demetri wasn’t up at the bar, Spiro was, and our conversations were equally educational, and damn fun.


I started the night with a great 2012 Joseph Carr Cabernet

Honestly, we just stopped for a quick drink…well, two and a half hours later we walked out of there with our bellies full of amazing wine and fantastic food. More important than the wine and food, we left with an amazing experience. That’s what wine should be about, an experience. A great experience can make an average wine good and a good wine amazing. Also, it can make an amazing wine not good. Luckily, The Wine Bar at Solaire paired amazing wines with an equally amazing experience. If you find yourself there Demetri and Spiro won’t steer you wrong. Honestly, if I wouldn’t go broke doing it I would hang out in this place every night. Go check this place out!!

Go have an experience.


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