Welcome back everyone! I haven’t had a chance to drop a new post out there for almost two weeks. So I’m going to jump back into the saddle with a few reviews of some awesome wines. This week I’ll talk about the 2013 Orin Swift Mercury Head, 2012 Ridge Lytton Springs, and 2012 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Artemis.

First Up!

2013 Orin Swift Mercury Head: ($120 retail) – 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
I’ll start with the completely unbiased statement, I love this wine! You can read my review of the 2012 Mercury Head here.

It has just a fantastic dark ruby/purple color that acts as a preview to this great wine. The nose starts with ripe cherry and oak with a slight hint of licorice. The flavor begins with cherry, but quickly gets overtaken by cassis, oak, and chocolate flavors that linger through the finish. The feel of the wine is just as excellent as its taste. It has a weight that fills your mouth, with exceptionally smooth tannins and the right level of acidity to make it perfectly drinkable. This wine drinks great today but I can’t wait to try it as it matures. What an absolutely amazing wine! Check out Orin Swift Here!


Mercury Head dime that serves as the label

Ridge Vineyards was one of the California wines involved in the “Judgement of Paris”. They presented their 1971 Monte Bello Cab and finished 5th, but 30 years later during the 2006 anniversary re-tasting, their 1971 Monte Bello finished first among the Cabernets. Today, they have become very well known for their Zinfandels.


2012 Ridge Lytton Springs

2012 Ridge Lytton Springs: ($42 retail) – 70% Zinfandel, 21% Petit Sirah, 6% Carignan, 3% Mataro
This was another great wine recommended to us by friends. Initially, ripe berries and black pepper fill your nose with aromas of oak and vanilla, along with cherry. The flavors in this wine are very fruit forward. The ripe berries are bold, and almost juicy. It then quickly transitions into black pepper flavor that slowly subside and level out. As the flavor moves into the finish, the remaining pepper blends evenly with cherries and oaky vanilla. Overall a very rich wine with a nice pepper spice that isn’t over powering, but really welcomed. Ridge Vineyards is a winemaker I really look forward to exploring further. Ridge is online here.


Obligatory cheese plate photo – She makes them very pretty!

Last, but not least!


2012 Artemis

2012 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Artemis: ($60 retail) – 95% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Merlot, 1% Malbec
Beautiful excellent garnet color. The nose is full of delicious ripe berries, spice, and a slightly sweet aroma of alcohol (not in a bad way). The berry flavor is exceptionally prominent from the start. It is very smooth with a very nice level of tannins that show up in the finish. Also present in the finish is a nice rich chocolate. I look forward to checking out Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars on our next trip out to Napa.


Side note: The Artemis paired fantastically well with a smoked pork shoulder that I made this weekend (it was really good…I’m sort of bragging. Sorry.)


10 Hour Smoked Pork Shoulder!!! it was amazing!
















This is a pretty classy group of wines, not something we can drink every day, so it is really special when you get a minute to sit and enjoy them. Drink up!


Also, if these are your daily drinkers call me I’d like to be your best friend.

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