This weekend we decided to go check out a local place called Peachtree Southern Kitchen and Cocktails. By nature I enjoy anything fried, I’ve even had rocky mountain oysters. If you don’t know what that is Google it…don’t judge me, it was fried. Sorry, back on track. Peachtree as it’s name implies focuses on southern food and in my book, southern = fried. We started our night with smoked chicken wings and for my money, probably some of the most flavorful wings I’ve eaten in a long time. They had a perfect level of smoke, very flavorful, but not overwhelming. The wings were paired with a great spicy BBQ sauce.

For our main meal, the Misses ordered Shrimps and Grits (butter poached shrimp and cheddar grits with an oven dried tomato gravy), and I ordered the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with country green beans and cheddar grits. I can’t tell you what the shrimp and grits tasted like…she wouldn’t let me have any, so I assume they were delicious (if I don’t post next week she’s probably murdered me for that).


Shrimp and Grits

I can tell you about the fried chicken, this is the chef’s signature dish. It is a huge portion of buttermilk fried chicken with an excellent blend of spice and flavoring in the breading. The chicken itself was cooked perfectly, moist and juicy. The only problem I had was the amount of food, it was such a huge portion that I stuffed myself trying to finish it. It was easily some of the best chicken I can remember outside of the southern U.S. To finish off our meal we ordered a peach cobbler. The cobbler is cooked to order and topped with a fantastic streusel and homemade whipped cream with a bourbon glaze. This wasn’t your standard too sweet peach cobbler, this was an awesome blend of sweetness and bourbon flavor, but never over the top. The streusel and whipped cream really finished it off.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Now that we got the food portion of our program taken care of, let’s get to the important part, the drink. With a name like Peachtree Southern Kitchen and Cocktails, you need to step up to the cocktail plate. The bartender Alex (I think that was his name), had a really good knowledge and a noticeable enthusiasm about Peachtree’s sizeable bourbon selection. I am barely a novice (at best) when it comes to tasting bourbons, but I’ll share with you my thoughts on the three I tried.

Jefferson Reserve: ($50-$60)
This guy had a nice vanilla nose with a slight smoke. The flavor also carried the vanilla, with a little butterscotch and even a little oak. Very smooth and not a lot of burn.

Calumet Farm: ($50)
I really enjoyed this bourbon. It was absolutely smooth, with a great vanilla flavor. There is also a nice hint of butterscotch and oak. I will definitely be looking for a bottle of this for myself.

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Sonoma-Cutrer Pinot Noir Finish: ($100-$125, if you can find it)
The final Bourbon of the night was a pretty unique one. Woodford Reserve will annually release a master’s collection bourbon which are small batch special releases that vary the grain bill or age the bourbon in a different medium (other than the standard oak). This year’s release is the Sonoma-Cutrer Pinot Noir Finish. Woodford took a matured, aged batch of Woodford Reserve and finish aging it in Pinot Noir barrels (sweet, a wine tie-in!!).


Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection

As I just described, this was an exceptionally unique bourbon. It starts with an amazingly sweet aroma mixed with an oak barrel/grainy nose. The flavor is an incredibly blend of grain and spice. The hints of pinot noir give it a slight fruitiness blended with a powerful oak and grain flavor.


My wife’s great cherry Manhattan

Overall, I really enjoyed Peachtree, there is something to be said for a place when they have a packed house at 9:30 pm and people are still coming in. The food was delicious and the drinks were good. The one negative (I’m nitpicking, seriously) was the scale on the pricing of their bourbons. The Woodford at $100+ a bottle was only $3 more per pour than the Calumet Farms, a bottle half the price. I don’t want that to sound like a negative, the servings were generous on the drinks and I felt I got my monies worth. I look forward to going back to Peachtree, there is quite a bit on the menu that I look forward to trying (catfish tots…I’m just saying).


Go fry something!


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