What a great weekend! We had family in town and that gave us the perfect opportunity to open two amazing wines.

Mercury Head - Orin Swift

Mercury Head – Orin Swift

First up was 2012 Mercury Head bottled by Orin Swift Cellars out of Napa, California. This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon is tremendous all the way around. It starts with the bottle, large and heavy, it feels like you are holding something special in your hand. The label itself is simplistic in its design and special in its own way, a single, silver Mercury Head dime is affixed to the bottle (ours was a 1937).David Phinney, the wine maker/owner of Orin Swift really cares for the quality of his product. The 2012 Mercury Head was the first release of this wine since 2009. Phinney did not feel that the quality of the wine was up to his standard and chose not to release a 2010 or 2011 vintage.

Once you open the bottle you realize how extraordinary this wine really is, and how high Phinney’s standards must be. As a 2012, this is still an early wine, but I would challenge you to taste it. This 100% Cab is big and bold, but never overpowering. It starts with a fullness in your mouth with flavors of rich berries and chocolate/espresso, even a slight hint of tobacco. The tannins in the wine are amazingly balanced,smooth and soft. It is one of the rare wines that I have ever had that has a slight astringency that dries your mouth out and a fruitiness that makes your mouth water at the same time. The deep berry fruit is never overwhelming, or unwelcome. Finally the chocolate and spice finish lingers in your mouth for a surprisingly long time.

Mercury Head is easily one of the best wines I have ever had. If you are lucky enough to find a bottle hold on to it and make it an event when you finally open it!


See you soon with Part 2


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