I have to start this post off with a bit of a confession. I wasn’t always the wine loving creature the world has come to know and love, There was a dark time in my life that dare I say it…I didn’t like wine! I know I was a lost soul. Thankfully, I  was brought to my senses. I still think I owe my wife an immeasurable amount of gratitude for bringing me around to the light.

The problem was I didn’t have a good baseline for what wine should be, at the time, in my head I thought “wine comes from grapes, shouldn’t wine taste like grape juice?”…Again, I know, I’m not proud of this time in my life. So, cut to a few years later of my wife constantly trying to get me to try wine, and my almost constant resistance (have you ever asked a child to eat vegetables? It was sort of like that, but with more tears and whining in my case). I think she actually may have given up on me at this point. One day, while shopping in our local grocery story, she decided to buy a bottle of wine for herself, it was a Norton Malbec for $9.99. I’m going to be a little over-dramatic and say that bottle changed my life.

Wine Glass Travel

For those of you that are interested in learning
a little more about Norton I’ve included a link to their website. I am in no way affiliated with them, but I do hold a dear spot for them in my wine loving soul.


I hope you don’t judge me for my early misgivings about wine, I have righted my path and continue to barrel down it one glass at a time.


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